Monday, October 17, 2016

Fun with Oksana

A little over a week ago Oksana left for her last medical trip to America. She's our friend who grew up in the orphanage here. I guess we've started a tradition of having her spend the night with us before she goes to America. Or, at least, this is the second time we've done it. We had fun together: eating, talking, doing a bit of school, and going a walk to a playground. The photos with date stamps below are from her camera:

And then she left and won't be back until spring. Please pray with us for her while she's away. I know that she's already had her first appointment with one of the doctors, but I haven't talked to her to hear how it went.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

More conference photos

I was just going to edit an older post and add links to the photo archives from the professional photographers, but I decided to put them up here instead. This is Nikolai Kuleba (from the presidential administration) with the Kherson branch of Agape:

(Jaan stood directly behind everyone.  )
The rest of the photos are here and here. There are a few specifically of our family around here, but of course, not everyone was looking the same way at the same time or keeping their eyes open.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jaan's theater birthday

Have I mentioned Jaan's enjoyment of theater? He is in the church theater group, and he really loves it. They also had a gathering to celebrate recent birthdays--including his--and I stole a few of their photos to share here.

Also, this was from when they performed their Easter production way back in June for Children's Day:

(Did I link to photos from the play at Eastertime, or not?)

Yesterday they did the play again at a men's church conference. Jaan had speaking parts for the first time. He says that it all went well, and he was very excited to spend another day at the conference today. They won't be up on stage all together, but the youth leader will be doing some impromptu skits, and Jaan insisted that he has to be there for that, even though it means skipping a day of music school.

Soon they'll be working on a Christmas play.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Asya's art birthday

Back when it was actually Asya's birthday, I wrote that she got to celebrate with her friends at art school. Since then, the art school put up a few pictures of the big day, and then they published the whole collection of all their photos. I chose a few of the best, especially the ones of our own nine-year-old, and brought them over here. The first is from before the party, while she was at class on her birthday, and then the rest are of the big event. It was all so beautiful and fun and delicious!

By the way, Asya's culinary class made some of the refreshments for the party that day, too. Her teacher there is very faithful about posting photos; did you see the ones from last week? So cute!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Through Raia's eyes

My parents and Grandma sent Raia a little camera. She took it with her for the first time on our Rovno trip. So, here's the conference through her eyes.

(It may be too many photos, but we'll try anyway.)

By the way, there are professional photos from the conference here and here and maybe elsewhere, too, but I might think that Raia's are more fun.