Thursday, August 17, 2017

Family photos

The best part of our trip was time with our extended family, and these photos are treasures!

Florida family:
my father, Raia, Jaan, Will, me, Aliana, Leetra
Bogdan, my mother, Isla, my grandmother, Asya

North Carolina family:
Will's father and mother, me, Will, Raia, Abby, Anna, Jaan
Bogdan and Asya

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jet lag

Day 1 at home: I slept most of the day.
Day 2: Will slept most of the day.
Day 3: "I don't understand how I could sleep until after noon." (Asya)

I obviously haven't posted photos from North Carolina yet. I need to sort them. It's too hot to sit at the computer for long, and I haven't had time anyway. It was definitely a great visit. If you're on Facebook, there were plenty of photos from our relatives and friends there already.