Sunday, August 21, 2016

Elizabeth's visit

I think we packed a good bit into a short visit, without being too overwhelmingly busy. At least it seemed like that to me; I don't know what Elizabeth thought about the pace of everything. She arrived on Saturday afternoon after lots of travel. That day we mostly just ate dinner together and went for a little walk.

Sunday we went to church, ate out, came home for quiet time and crafts, and then had our traditional weekly popcorn and movie night.

Monday we went sightseeing around Kherson:

Tuesday was kind of supposed to be a down day, but it was a busy one. Will went to the office. Here at home they played games and Elizabeth took the kids on a walk, and then our little friend Sonya came over to practice English and play even more. Elizabeth kept everyone busy and happy, and I got a lot done, too; it was so nice!

Wednesday was amazing. Alys and I had planned a mini-picnic for the few kids from our groups at the orphanage who hadn't been able to go on the real, big summer picnic. Having Elizabeth here for that was really great. Both the picnic and the mini-picnic get their own blog posts in the near future, so you'll be hearing more about them later. On the way home from there we stopped at Lviv Chocolate for cold coffee. That night Elizabeth tuned up Will's old viola and played a trio with Jaan and Raia. If you're a Facebook friend, you can see a good video of that here, or try my partial version with worse sound.

Thursday was my birthday. I had said that I wanted to go kayaking again, and Will had arranged everything for another kayak trip with the same guide we went with in July... but just before it was time for us to leave home, they called to say that she couldn't come. He talked them into letting us use the kayaks by ourselves, as long as we stayed right in the bay. We went across to the same place where we had our vacation, kayaked all over the bay, swam, and ate a picnic that Will had prepared. It was wonderful!

Friday was the last day together. I said goodbye to Elizabeth and went off to my usual orphanage day. She took the kids for another walk, and they all got free ice cream at a new little place by us that was having its grand opening. Then Will took her to the airport and she flew away.

Will and Elizabeth have both already posted lots of photos. Some that I shared here were hers, and some were ours.


Baba Julie said...

Wow! It really was a quick "in and out", wasn't it? But, I know Elizabeth was a great blessing to you all and you all were to her, as well!! She has wanted to do this for quite awhile and I'm so glad it was able to happen. She really got a good "taste" of the life of the "Ukrainian Hunsuckers"! And, it sure looks like "a good time was had by all"! What a blessing! We are having lunch today so that she can tell me all the "bits and pieces". We love you all!!

Mom said...

So happy to see this, thankful for the time you all had together, rejoicing particularly over the picnic. Much love to all.