Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Building progress

Wow. I'm blogging in real time! I mean, writing about something that happened today, instead of last week or last month.

Today Alys invited Jaan and Bogdan and me to go with her and Sasha and check up on the building site, where the home for boys who age out of the orphanage is going up. We have been out there periodically, but I don't think I've taken any photos there since the groundbreaking. (Alys has, though. Did you notice that I added a link to her updates in our sidebar a while back? --> ) With the walls going up, the progress is dramatically visible now.

Bogdan carefully made a collection of samples of all the different kinds of building materials. He was storing it in a matchbox... but then the puppy ate the matchbox. Oops! But he didn't mind much.

Afterwards we got ice cream, and then drove on a bit to get some pictures of the countryside and looking back at the village. I'm not too pleased with any of mine, but it really was beautiful.

Please be praying for the construction of this house, for all who are involved in the process, and for those who will live in it.


Baba Julie said...

BEAUTIFUL countryside and how encouraging to see this progress!! We will be praying with you! (Did they bring the puppy home? (: ) Love you all!!

Mom said...

I am pleased you were able to personally see the progress. (I have been monitoring the pictures and reports on the blog you linked to as well.) I love you.