Sunday, August 07, 2016

More vacation photos (Jellyfish!)

When we first got to the water front to go across the river for our vacation, we had to wait a few minutes for the boat. While we were waiting, I caught a jellyfish! We saw these tiny freshwater jellyfish years ago, when Asya was a baby, and I had kind of been looking for them again ever since. (Actually, we apparently saw them twice, but 2008 and 2009 must have blurred together in my mind.) We put that one into a bottle and took it across with us. It was joined by others, and we enjoyed watching them in our bottle and in the water the whole time we were there. We even brought three of them home with us afterwards, and they lived in a big jar for about two weeks.

Since we've been home, we've been experimenting with different ways of drawing jellyfish: white crayon with a watercolour wash over it, white paint on top of a watercolour background, or Raia's ink drawings. (Boo. Apparently I cut off the bottom of her page when I took the photo, and I didn't even notice until now.) Oh, a random thing that is kind of connected: after four days away from art and music, as soon as we got home Raia grabbed her balalaika, Jaan started playing piano, and then both girls had to paint.

The web site that we first found about freshwater jellyfish has reappeared at a new address, if there's anyone else out there as fascinated as we are who would like to read about them.


Baba Julie said...

WONDERFUL pictures and what fun!! I LOVE the jellyfish video. And, how delightful that all the children wanted to get right back to their artistic pursuits as soon as they got home! So natural to them!! Love you all!

Mom said...

Such life and beauty! We love you.