Saturday, August 06, 2016

More vacation photos (Kayaking)

I already said that the kayaks were the highlight of our vacation. We loved them! Bogdan was the only one who wasn't sure at first. He begged me to leave him behind and almost had to be dragged into the boat. At first he was terribly nervous, but then he relaxed and loved it. We didn't get any photos at all of Will. He and Asya were in one kayak together, and they had the camera. Jaan went by himself, and Raia was with our guide. So, Raia was usually out of range of the pictures, too: way up there in the front with the expert kayaker.

See this last photo? He wanted one more picture with the wonderful boats and asked if we could go out again the next day. Apparently he got over all his fears. Oh, along the way, anytime a larger boat passed us and made waves he did ask if we were going to sink. And, as I told him about my childhood adventures involving alligators and snakes, he did ask rather frequently--just to check--if we were in America, or still in Ukraine where it's safe. But if you ask him now, he loved every minute out on the water and wants to go again as soon as possible.


Mom said...

This makes me smile. How I hope you can go again soon! Much love.

Anonymous said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing.

Baba Julie said...

Looks like so much fun!! I had to laugh at Bobo and the "are we still in Ukraine" comment! I imagine he's heard LOTS of alligator stories and that would be something to be concerned about, for sure!! (: Love y'all!!