Thursday, November 29, 2007

A week of gifts

973. Jaan noticed the beauty of an untouched patch of snow and said, "Mama, don't walk there! It's so beautiful!" Now that is a gift to the heart of a mother who loves beauty and wants her children to see it, too!
974. Advent! Christ is coming! Yes, He is here in us, and He is coming again.
975. Hope! Romans 15:13
976. A new Elisabeth Elliot book to read, one that speaks to me right where I am
977. The sweet baby snuggled up against me (I could just say that 1000 times, and it would be enough. )
978. Forgiveness
979. Fresh snow covering dirty slush
980. Jesus' blood, covering my sins, just like that snow
981. Sympathy in Kiev
982. My home is not in this world!
983. A change of attitude for me
984. The looks on their faces when I introduced the idea of a home puppet show
985. Asya sleeping by herself and giving my tired arms a rest
986. Medicine that helps a miserable toddler feel better
987. A cup of hot chocolate with coffee when I'm really tired
989. The "rain" Yes, Lord, I am thanking you for the rain. (The red leaf picture there is a special gift to me, too. I smile every time I see it.)
990. Time alone with Raia, while Asya sleeps and Jaan rests
991. Как Рая говорит "хочу держать тебя"
992. A baby who wants to be held all the time (That really is a wonderful gift!)
993. Health after colds
994. Beautiful pressed-leaf place mats and the little hands that made them
995. Big, bright rooms, especially the big kitchen here
996. A safe and very comfortable place to stay
997. The friends who are providing that place
998. That we are in Russia right now
999. Sunshine!
1000. Baby smiles

(Click on the picture.)

That's the beginning of my list of gifts. I love reading Ann V.'s blog. Now I'm following her example in sharing some of God's gifts in my life with you all. These aren't the ones that would be considered the big gifts. They're the everyday expressions of the Father's love for me, that I want to be noticing more and more. I certainly can't write down all of them. I don't have time for that! But I can capture some. I started last Thursday, on Thanksgiving Day. Appropriate, isn't it? So far, most of this has been written during quiet nap times, while I pace around the kitchen with Asya, counting my blessings. As I pass the computer, I can type a few words, then go on another lap around the table, a few more words, more thinking and walking, another pass by the computer. . . .

(By the way, after reading Ann's blog for a while, I wrote to her. Until then, I had only known her as Ann V.. When she answered, I saw a very familiar, uncommon last name. I wrote back right away and found out that, yes, she is married into the family of one of my old friends! Small world, eh?)


Mom said...

How did I miss this heartfelt list when it was posted? BTW would you care to translate 991? I also have been touched by what Ann writes on Holy Experience.

Glimpses of your heart after God are always precious to me. Much love....

Phyllis said...

Oops. I meant to have comments turned off on these posts. I'll close them now.

Mom, thanks for commenting. The one you asked about is that I love the way Raia says that she wants to hold me, when she really means that she wants me to hold her. :-)