Thursday, April 01, 2010

Preparing for Easter

Instead of writing about our trip right now, I'll just quickly share what we did today. (I'll write about Poland next week, after Easter.) The photo above is just to get you the right mood; that's what we collected this morning.

I didn't like that we haven't had time to do anything special leading up to Easter, but we've woven some into daily life. Jaan and Raia got to go to Sunday school and hear about Palm Sunday there. This morning, when we went to check on the violets (and pick some!), we also talked about the incredible thorn trees that grow in the same area. Of course, that connected right into the crown of thorns and Jesus' suffering for us. We went to church for communion this evening. We've also been reading Lenten Lights and talking about those Scripture passages.

In the past we've made Noel Piper's "Easter mountain" and also combined that with the idea of an Easter garden that I got from Ann Voskamp. (No time to add links now. Maybe later.) This year we didn't have time for anything complicated. I loved an idea that Ann linked to recently. We have grass seed and dirt, so we put it together today. The grass can grow throughout the Easter season for us. We read John 12:24 and examined our seeds first. They certainly seem to be dead! We're hoping for new life from them soon. And then we got our hands dirty....

Well, first we got everything ready.

A little miracle: the water didn't come on this morning and was off almost all day. I decided to be brave and go ahead with this project. The water came on about when this photo was taken.

Then we sprinkled seeds everywhere.

How does it look?


Janna Widdifield said...

Looks great!!

Baba Julie said...

Very good! Praying for you all as we all celebrate the resurrection of our risen Lord!! Love to all!

Mom said...

True the the teaching, the children's involvement, the provision of water, and the flower arrangements.

We love you.

MissElaineous said...

Easter, representing new life, comes at the right time of year-Spring time.