Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Day

Easter is my favorite holiday! Here's some of what it looked like for us this year:

The empty tomb

"He is Risen!"

Easter breakfast

Happy baby
I kept trying to get him to repeat his first grin, but this was as close as I could catch on film.

Poems and songs at church

Family photo after church

We went home for naps, then came back for a picnic:

Bogdan and Katya

Roasting hot dogs

Raia and Alisa

Around the table

I told her to show me what she had (kulich/paska). She thought I meant candy.

Jaan and Slavik

Raia and Asya break Sasha and Alisa's backs

Christ is Risen!


Mom said...

A joyously beautiful celebration--He is risen, indeed! Love to each one...

Baba Julie said...

What a beautiful day! It IS a such a wonderful time of celebration!! Praise the Lord that you have a loving church family with whom you can spend this joyous time!! Love y'all!

Rebecca said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun family time! What a great way to celebrate God's love :)