Monday, July 18, 2011

Together again

I love this photo from when Bogdan woke up and saw that Jaan was home:

(He does look a little crazed, though.)

I was actually trying to get a photo of this.

Maybe I won't be such a bad mother, if he sucks his thumb,
while his pacifier is hanging right there?

And a photo of the girls
An incredible troupe of stilt walkers performed for the city's birthday. You can see one of them in the parade behind Raia and Asya, who were watching from the sidelines. Isn't Raia's face great?


Baba Julie said...

Priceless pictures! We know you are happy to have everyone back home! Love y'all!

Cecil said...

Yes! The kids are delightful!

Anonymous said...

Isla LOVES the pictures of "baby Bod-don" and keeps asking for 'nother one every time I show her :)