Tuesday, August 23, 2011


On Sunday we went with some of the youth to visit a church in a small town called Kushugum. Will preached and led the singing. Sasha also preached, and Lyuda and Yana read poems. After church, we enjoyed lunch together, and then they brought out a trampoline! That's what our children will remember. I laugh at how they refer to the churches in this region: one is "the church with a goat and turkeys," another is just "the big church," and there's "the church where we ate raspberries." Kushugum will go down in the records as "the church with the trampoline."

On the way there

The group



I was loving the sky.

Bogdan liked the trampoline, too.

Stopping for a drink


Jeanne said...

Yes, I think Jemimah would call it "The Church with the Trampoline" as well. Kushugum is a great name itself though...

Baba Julie said...

What great experiences the children have, Phyllis! How many American children can you name who have drawn water from a real well? What a lot of fun for them! Love y'all!