Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer prayer letter

The pretty, printable version is here.

Dear family and friends,
This summer has been a little different than what are used to. There was no church camp, and our family didn't spend much time at our dacha. Instead, we just kept busy with a more usual round of things, mixed in with special events. All summer long, Will kept up the twice-weekly “youth” meetings (for people of all ages), plus he preached almost every week and went to choir practices and leaders meetings. Two of the youth have started taking Bible college classes, and they're excited about traveling and visiting other churches. So far, we've gone on one of those trips, and another one is in the works.

Right after the wedding on the other side of Ukraine that I mentioned in our last letter, we were able to help with another wedding here. A young couple from a village nearby wanted to use the church here, for their wedding. We didn't know them well beforehand, but we and the youth here got to know them some during the preparations, wedding day, and in the time after.

Like I said, we didn't have camp here, but Will took Jaan and another little boy to a Christian camp down on the Azov Sea. They had a wonderful time! Also, just when I was thinking that this would be the first summer in years when I didn't have anything to do with camp at all, we were invited to a short day camp that another church was putting on. I went with our children, and we all really enjoyed that. A big highlight of the summer was a visit from a friend who lives in Moscow. We spent two weeks enjoying her company, swimming, talking, and being encouraged by time together.

As far as family news: Jaan went to camp, like I already said. Raia turned six years old, and she also broke her arm. That was the first big injury in our family and a new experience for us, but God carried us through it all with special peace and ease. She's fine now. I don't know that Asya had any big highlights to her summer, but she's a very happy little girl who spends most of her time pretending to be Cinderella or living some other fairy tale and saying things that make us laugh. Just now, she pointed out a dead spider and told me that it is really Sleeping Beauty. Bogdan is almost six months old; he's a big, happy, mostly easy-going baby, who loves to smile at everyone.

Please do lift up our prayer requests and also let us know how we can pray for you!
Love and prayers,
Will and Phyllis Hunsucker
Jaan, Raia, Asya and Bogdan

Prayer requests:
• Will's parents are coming to visit! Pray for safe travels, a good visit, and health.
• Homeschool, Sunday School, music school: please pray for all three.
• Zhatva (harvest holiday) will be Sept. 18.
• The weekly round for Will: Bible studies, sermons and prep.
• Grace and unity in this church.
• Translating: Will is doing this for Gospelink again.

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momof3girls said...

It sounds like a nice summer-except for the broken arm. :( We'll add you all to our prayer list.