Tuesday, October 04, 2011

September birthdays, part 2

I think today is the day Asya was due, four years ago, so it's an appropriate time to write about her birthday. That, and everyone is napping now, so I have some time to write. Her birthday was September 24. We didn't really do anything super special, but she was thrilled. She had been waiting and waiting for her present, which she knew was a doll and stroller. Getting them was all she needed for a special day.

"I'm 4!"

Playing with balloons

Also, Raia and I had read The Gingerbread Man the day before. I remembered a fun idea to go with that, something I had seen ages ago. However, when we went to make our Gingerbread Kolobok, we discovered that a certain little sister had dumped out all our ginger. So, we had to put that project off until the next day, when it became that sister's birthday cake.

Licking batter off spoons, while Raia retells the story.

"He ran away!"

Found, on the balcony

The Gingerbread Kolobok

Going for a walk

Watching the birds

New doll

Homeless puppies


We had planned to let them jump on the inflatable jumping things that are usually set up in the center, but they weren't there on Asya's birthday. She didn't care. She was just as happy with a family walk. That's Asya! Pleased, happy and thankful for every little treat, all day long... on her birthday and every day.


Rebecca said...

Kolobok! What a wonderful idea! Looks like a very sweet birthday! I remember last year when DD turned 4, she wanted basically the same thing ... a stroller (and in our case also a cradle) ... and she had to take the baby out in the new stroller when we walked down the block for ice cream. :-D

lindafay said...

Very sweet. ;)

Hope you are doing well. Just graduated my oldest. It's a strange feeling.


Mom said...

Love the post...but even more we love the four-year-old Asya and are delighted to see how everyone participated in celebrating her birthday.

Jessica Curtis said...

Sounds like a very special day. I so much more prefer these quiet, family birthdays. I love just sitting back and enjoying the day!

Baba Julie said...

Great pictures! And, we enjoyed, even more, getting to see and be with FOUR YEAR OLD Asya.... and Raia...and Jaan... and Mama... and Papa!!! We had such a GREAT time and we so appreciate you all for making it so!! Love you all!