Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bogdan and butterflies

We're slowly easing back into regular life after Christmas. I was so thankful that we made it through all the holiday events without getting sick! But then by January 8th--the day after Christmas--the whole family (except me) was coughing and sniffling. They've been pretty miserable since then, but things are starting to look better now.

I was going through pictures, trying to decide what to post, and I found a theme. Here you have Bogdan and his current obsession: butterflies! Yes, he's my son. "Butterfly" is the one word that be both says ("ba-ba-ba") and signs. He's a little deprived of live butterflies right now, so everything that slightly resembles a butterfly is very important to him. Especially maple seeds.

Maple seed "butterflies" and pollen "caterpillars"
Sometimes they eat lunch with him.
Favorite reading material
He was not dressed like a girl; he was a butterfly.
See him signing? (And he really looks like Raia!)
Mama's presents
There was a very definite theme when I was opening presents. Bogdan was distributing everything, and after he brought me two presents and watched me open them, he brought me a third and very seriously told me that it was a butterfly. He was not disappointed.


Baba Julie said...

Oh! That was the butterfly cup! I'm so glad I could make Bogdan happy!! (: Glad everyone is feeling better! Love you all!

Phyllis said...

Yes! Thank you so much.

Today Will bought flowers, and the extra leaves that he cut off of them are butterflies to Bogdan. He's carrying them around, showing them to everyone.

Mom said...

This is one of the best butterfly Januarys we have had; I wish he could see the backyard: monarchs, fritillaries, sulfurs. Clearly he's your son! Love to all....

Name: Misty said...

He is so precious!

OliveTree said...

Glad that butterflies brought a little joy to your "sick" days.