Wednesday, July 24, 2013


In case you're wondering what's next... so are we! Well, not entirely. In fact, in a very unprecedented way, we have a Plan A and a Plan B. (If you know us, you can just fall down with shock right now. And then expect Plan Z to be what really happens.)

Plan A: We'll move to Kherson in August. Soon Will will go to spend a few days there, looking at housing options. If he finds something, we'll move in the next month.

Plan B: The director of Agape is in the states with his family, awaiting the birth of their fifth baby, due in August. When they come back, they want to move into a house. They suggested that we might be able to rent their current apartment after they move out of it. That would mean waiting a little longer before we move.

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Mom said...

If it were a vote, we'd vote for Plan A. As it is, we are praying for a house, easily located and something that will be absolutely ideal for the needs of your family.

Much love...