Thursday, August 01, 2013

"Funny First"

Every month my sister does a Funny First Day of the month post, listing hilarious things that her girls have said. And her girls are really funny! For example: last month. Our children aren't so funny, I don't think, and I'm not so good at remembering to write down what they do say, but I thought I'd try this month.

Okay, Jaan just gave me one. When I went to Leetra's blog to copy the link for you all, he saw the second photo here, and he asked, "Ooo. Is that an idol?!?"

Traveling to Odessa, around Odessa, and back gave us lots of time in public toilets. Many of those are the hole in the ground kind. Bogdan's response to them is yelling full volume: "ПОПА ТУДА НННННЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ!" He's not very verbal yet, but he's very expressive. (I was going to let Google help you all with that, but apparently he doesn't understand. Literal translation: "bottom to there nnnooooo!")

Recently, Bogdan was having a very miserable morning. Will asked him why he had a cow in his mouth. Why, you ask? I probably say "он только 'му' да 'му' / А к чему, почему — / Не пойму!" way too often around here. And Will is just weird. Anyway, Bogdan believed him. He spent the rest of the morning talking about the "moo" that was living in his mouth. Then we had corn on the cob. Bogdan got a piece stuck between his teeth, and he was convinced that it was the cow! Now, any time he gets something stuck in his teeth, he wants me to pull the cow out of his mouth. It's probably a good thing he can't talk yet; I can just imagine him asking someone, "Could I please have a toothpick? I need to get a cow out of my mouth."

Bogdan showing us his cow
Not my child, but one of the little guys I worked with at camp: I told him not to throw pebbles at the metal fan near us. When I heard another one hit it, and I asked, "What was that?" He told me that he thought it was a meteorite.

I shared this one on Facebook already. At camp Bogdan really, really fell in love with our friend Jon. A few days after we got home, Bogdan didn't want to go to bed. After a few minutes of screaming "MAMA, PAPA, MAMA," we heard Bogdan say, "Mama - nyet. Papa - nyet. DYADYA!" (what he called Jon). And then he continued to yell for Uncle Jon.

This isn't funny, but I think it's cute. Bogdan's two most recent new words are "Syasya" (Asya) and "psi" (spasibo/thank you).


Mom said...

Love that little guy!

Baba Julie said...

These are great!! And, with Will as Papa, there is no telling WHAT the child is thinking is living where!!(: Too funny! Love y'all!