Thursday, December 26, 2013

"First Christmas"

"First Christmas" this year was half at home, half out and about. Usually First Christmas is at home--our family Christmas--and Second Christmas is church Christmas, so it was a little different this year. But it was good.

"Ляля 'Сус"
I read back and saw that last year he just said "ляля." We're making some progress here!

Happy Birthday to Jesus
Breakfast silliness
Hot chocolate outside (in the SUN!)
Movie instead of naptime
Then we went to Jaan's choir concert. I'll try to add a video of that here, when it uploads.

Most of us left early from that, in order to get the girls to church on time, so that they could practice again and get dressed there. Then Will and Jaan joined us as soon as they were done at music school. Same story on the video from church, although it might even be more complicated, because our computer doesn't want to cooperate with our camera anymore, so those videos are stuck. Negotiations are in progress....

(Edited to add: instead of putting the videos in here, I'll put them up as new posts.)

Bogdan liked the candles!
Asya and the other little ones were so cute up on the stage!
Merry Christmas to all!


Mom said...

…and to all a good night (certainly all are tired after the festivities).

Thank you for sharing your first Christmas. We love you dearly.

Baba Julie said...

Beautiful day! So happy we got to talk to you yesterday, too! And, you have another Christmas to come! Love y'all!