Tuesday, January 14, 2014

С Новым Годом!

We had a really fun, quiet New Year celebration. I have the photos all in the wrong order here, and I can't move them around. But then we celebrated all in the "wrong" order anyway. Russians and Ukrainians don't even sit down to eat until midnight. We had supper (without olivier; everyone is asking) at our usual time. Then we opened presents. There were lots this year! After presents we went out to do some early fireworks. Since the houses are pretty close together we walked out to the very edge of the city... and that just meant that we ended up launching something on to the roof of a much bigger and fancier house than we would have hit here. Oops. But no one was home, and it didn't do any damage. Then back home and to bed. Yes, before 2014. At midnight we discovered that private houses are the place to be for a real fireworks show. Wow. People in this part of the world know how to celebrate with fireworks, but the amount that we are used to around apartment buildings doesn't even compare with what we saw this time. I even tried to wake Jaan up to show him. Raia woke up on her own, and we watched the show through our windows. Happy New Year to all!

Ready to eat
All the boys planning with Jaan's new toy
Lots of presents!
Raia made presents for everyone.
Asleep with his presents later
After fireworks
Also enjoying their presents

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Mom said...

How nice to see your celebration! Happy 2014 to all of you.

Much love….