Monday, August 25, 2014

Good news

I've been helping my friend to set up a Ukrainian charity to build and run homes for graduates from "our" orphanage. Recently all the paperwork was finalized, and the organization officially became reality. Because Will's sister was here and graciously agreed to watch our children, we were able to accept an invitation to go out to dinner and celebrate the completion of that step. It was really nice. I'm glad to be done with that part of the process and excited about what is coming next.

With Oksana at the picnic back in June
Also, in between paperwork for the organization, we have been working on details for getting Oksana, one of the girls from the orphanage, to the USA for medical treatment. That was also quite a process, but it came together, and she left on Thursday. I know many of you prayed us through the last minute visa trouble and changes in plans. God answered. Please continue to pray for Oksana and for all that she has ahead of her. She and my friend will be traveling in Virginia for a little while, if any of you live there and want to hear about the ministry here. One opportunity for that is in Williamsburg. Then they will settle down and start going to doctors and dentists in Texas.

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Baba Julie said...

What great news on both fronts! And, so glad that Anna was able to visit - jealous, but glad! (: Praying for and love you all!