Sunday, November 02, 2014

He makes us laugh

For a few days recently Bogdan's "uniform" was jeans on backwards, Jaan's belt, and Jaan's knife sheath. Papa wouldn't let him carry Jaan's knife, though, so...

In case you couldn't see it above
He's also talking more and more, and sometimes it's so funny to hear him. He still speaks his own language, but at least we understand him. Here are a few quotes:

On asking if he would have to go to bed soon and hearing me answer with a yes: "Mama, say not-yes!" ("Мама, 'жи не-да!")

When I made him wash his very painty hands over the bathtub, because the sink was busy: "The water here is not better." ("Вод здесь не луч'.")

One cold morning, his breath was "smoke-smoke-smoke like a 'gon" ("дым-дым-дым как 'кон"). You got that last word?

I picked Bogdan up and noticed that something on him smelled bad. He said that it was his underarms. When I told him that, no, it was his hat, he said that there were also underarms on his hat.


Anonymous said...

He's so cute!

~Rebecca S.

Mom said...

That child makes me smile!

Love to all!

Baba Julie said...

Too cute!! Love his "Bogdon speak"! Love to you all!