Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Upcoming events

We have some busy days coming up. It's just school at home and Will at the office Mon-Wed. Then on Thursday Will has to take over at home. All day Thursday I'll be cooking with my friend to get ready for the banquets for the staff at the orphanage. The first of those banquets is Thursday evening, then Friday, and Saturday, too.

Also, we just found out that Raia has another concert to play in on Thursday. (I'm sad to miss it, but she doesn't mind. Will can record it for me.) And, a good friend from the missionary community here had an emergency appendectomy. As far as I know, we're only doing one meal to help the family, but if their children need watching or anything more, we want to be able to help. Please pray for them. Our children adore this "auntie," and they're praying non-stop, too.

Then, in the next week: Monday will be another trip to the institutions where "graduates" live after the orphanage. Then on another day, soon after that, we'll be doing Christmas cookies with the kids at the orphanage. They look forward to that all year, and it's a big deal for them.

So, even if you don't hear from me, you'll know what we're busy with and can be praying. Thanks!


Mom said...

Thank you for this update. Praying for you! Much love, too.

Baba Julie said...

Thanks, Phyllis! It's always good to know what your week looks like and to know how to pray! Love y'all!