Sunday, February 15, 2015

More randomness

I was just taking photos off the camera. Here are a few:

School on the first sunny morning!

Asya's drawing for the library
Leftover orphanage crafts
I keep wanting to write about the fun and busyness of January, but I'm just not getting around to it. So, if you want to read my friend's words about it, most of what I was doing was helping her. And here's a video that includes the sweet girl who was just adopted here (she's Chesnie now), plus other kids and families, a few of whom I know.


Baba Julie said...

Always LOVE seeing pics of each of you, even if they are random!! Thanks for posting! Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

Asya is quite the artist! :-) <3

Kathy said...

Happy faces!