Monday, June 29, 2015

First camp day

First thing this morning
Our neighbors finally came out of their Ramadan and rainy day hibernation, so some one else is listening to Bogdan for a little while. Hurrah! I had forgotten what having only one child is like. Also, I realized that I've never had just one at this stage. By the time Jaan was Bogdan's current age, we already had three children. Plus, Bogdan is used to having at least three playmates all the time, and he's wanting me to replace them. This could be a very long week. A fun week, though. He and I did have a great long walk together today. I'm loving hearing his opinion about everything, too, just his own thoughts without everyone else's thrown into the mix.

Late afternoon
Also, I just talked to Asya. They do an evening phone call time when we can call the counselors' phones and talk to our kids. Asya sounded great! It's cold and rainy-ish, but they're having fun. She was almost too busy to stop and talk to me. Nights were what she was most worried about, so that's still ahead, but so far she's fine.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet time for you and Bogdon. Can't wait to hear all about it when they get home!

Baba Julie said...

So happy to hear that they're having such a good time! And, I know that Bogdan will be a joy while they are gone! (You never know what kids will say!! He could come up with some real "keepers" w/o the others around!! (: ) Love to each of you!!