Saturday, September 05, 2015

Seven quick takes: starting school, orphanage, and more

:: 1 ::

We had the best first week of school ever. The first day, first week, aren't really supposed to go smoothly, right? Well, somebody forgot to remind my children about that, because it was just idyllic. They have all been really excited to get back into school, and they slid right back into the routine.

:: 2 ::

In the week ahead, we should be moving into the full schedule for other classes and activities, too. Jaan and Raia have both had their first meetings with their music teachers. Raia came back with the award for excellence that she earned at the end of last year. Today both girls had their first lessons of the year at art school, and Bodgan starts there on Monday. It looks like we'll have someone (or two someones) at art on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Bogdan is going to be taking a preschool-ish class there one day a week, too, not just art. Jaan and Raia will also have their individual and group music lessons; that schedule isn't set yet. Sunday school and church choir start back up tomorrow. Busy times coming up!

:: 3 ::

Jaan and I had another fun time at the orphanage today. (Raia was sad that she can't go now, because of art school.) One of the nannies told me that this is the hottest day of the summer... and it's already fall! So, we're still playing outside. Today we took sidewalk chalk, balls, and music for a song time in the shade. The kids love chalk, but the adults there don't, so I made sure to help with getting everyone cleaned up afterwards. One little guy had gotten so into his artwork, that I had to wash him down and change his clothes completely. Since most of them are in wheelchairs, getting them down on to the ground to draw and then back up again can be quite a production, but it's worth it. Another boy decided to stay in his chair and just give orders for what Jaan should draw for him; I thought that was pretty funny.

:: 4 ::

I already posted this on Facebook, but it was just so sweet: On the way out to the orphanage today, Jaan and I were discussing what he wants to do for his birthday next week. "Can we have all the boys over?" All the boys? Huh? "Mama, these boys. The ones we're going to visit now. Can they come?"

He's been having a hard time with leaving his friends there. He feels like just visiting them once a week isn't doing enough. As Will pointed out, that's pretty much what anyone who works with orphans feels.

:: 5 ::

Oh, she makes me laugh.
I have a whole series of photos along these lines. Raia was in rare form for school photos! She said that I could share this one with grandparents and the rest of you.

:: 6 ::

A really quick take: I sent out a summer newsletter, if you're interested and haven't seen that yet.

:: 7 ::

And... I'm running out of things to say. How can that be?

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Mom said...

I think the only reason you ran out of comments is that several represent fairly large slices of life.

Sensing how hard first day can be, I am particularly glad this one provided such a good start to your busy year. Taking photos each year is a great idea, and it appears your students agree.

We love all of you!