Saturday, November 28, 2015

Music school and Agape school

(Photo from Raia's teacher)
Raia performed beautifully at a music school concert last night. Her exams were last week, and she has her first ever contest coming up soon. After last night, they also asked her to play at a concert at the museum tomorrow night. It looks like they don't have an accompanist for her, though, so that might not come off. She's busy, though!

Jaan has also been very busy. His exam is next week, and his teacher is working him like a slave driver to get him ready. He's had lots of extra lessons and check ups with her. She even told him that he has to get a haircut. (I did not pay her to say that. ) Pray for him, please; he's feeling kind of stressed. The exam will be either Monday or Tuesday. I'm including a video of him practicing at home. He's not too happy with his electric piano for this piece, because he can't do all the louder and softer bits right, and he doesn't have it perfected yet either, but he said that I could share, with those caveats. It's just practice.

And then Agape school: I'm leaving tomorrow for the second session. It's in Lviv again this time. The teacher is one that Will really enjoyed when it was his turn to study: Jan, from Holland. You can pray for me, too: that I won't be so tired and homesick this time, and that I'll be able to keep up with the part of the translating that I've agreed to do, since the teacher isn't Ukrainian this time.

Music school, Agape school, and... oh, yes, homeschool. I need to get back to making lists and plans for certain children to work on while I'm gone.


Ребекка Сташко said...

My husband and I both enjoyed watching Raia and Jaan play. They are doing so well!

Baba Julie said...

Very nice!! Bravo to both of them!! They are doing so well!! Jaan will soon have to have a real piano! (Of course, I don't know where you will walk! (: ) We will be praying for you as you do this next week of Agape school and translate, as well. Love to you all!!

Baba said...

Last night I left a comment, but somehow it did not "catch." Grandda and I are very impressed with the progress of both musicians and deeply love each of you.

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