Saturday, May 28, 2016

Flower week

When the conference dates were set, I actually thought, "Oh, no! I might miss the poppies." Last year (click through those to see all of them) there was an incredible poppy field near us. I was really curious to see if they would grow back this year. They did! The red is not quite so thick, nor so extensive, but it's still beautiful. Large parts of the field burned in the fall or winter, and it seems to me like the places that burned didn't bloom; the poppy seeds must not be able to handle heat.

So, I arrived home on Tuesday morning, and that afternoon the boys and I went out to check on the field. The girls were at art and music then.

Wednesday we had rain and hail, so no walk in the flowers could take place. But on Thursday, as soon as Raia got back from lessons, the girls and I (and Bogdan) went for another walk.

Finally, on Friday, all four children went with me for another time. Raia took most of the photos below here. She's really enjoying photography these days, whenever she can get her hands on the camera.

The field has been just what I needed. I had such a wonderful two weeks away, but I am tired. I came home from Kyiv and America and just jumped right back into life. There wasn't any other choice. But I have dragged through this week. So tired! Mentally, emotionally, and physically. I should be refreshed, and I think somewhere down underneath it all, I am. But I need to recover and process, and I haven't had any time for that. Plus, I spent two weeks with adults, and I'm finding that it's a real adjustment to be back with little people all the time again after so long away, no matter how much I love them and missed them. Walks in the flowers help.

Today I was really looking forward to getting back out to Tsyurupinsk. Even though I am exhausted, I was going to push through it. I often do, and it usually turns out wonderfully; I forget about my tiredness once I get there. However, today, I prayed about staying home. I wanted a specific answer, and I didn't get it. Still, I stopped. I called the kids at the orphanage and told them that I'm home, but I'm not coming to visit them today. That was good. I'll go next week. They have fun stuff going on today anyway. Will took our kids to a missionary day at the local Christian institute, and I'm finally getting my time to recover alone. Part of that has been going through all these beautiful photos. I hope you enjoy them, too. 


Mom said...

Thankful you have that much needed processing time. I hope you can rest, reflect and return rejuvenated. We love you.

Baba Julie said...

Beautiful!! I'm happy that the poppies were there again this year! And, I am you have this day to unwind, rest and recover. Always good! Love You!

Baba Julie said...

That would be, "I am glad... (:"

Renee Flory - Ministry said...

Sweet poppies. Sweet rest.

Glad you are back. Look forward to seeing you sometime when things settle down even more.