Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday (here and in Riga)

All is well here. Raia really has started on solid foods. I find it hard to believe. She doesn't even have teeth yet! For the part few days, she's still had milk for breakfast and midmorning snacks, but then she ate crackers and applesauce or egg yolk for lunch and little tastes of whatever we were having for supper. (Of course, there are plenty of milk meals in between still.) If she sees anyone eating and not sharing with her, she goes crazy.

Last week we spent Tuesday sightseeing.

Jaan Street
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They spell it a little differently, but here is Jaan on Jaan Street, at the corner of St. Jaan's church. We also have photos of him by a statue of St. Jaan in a town near Prague a while back, and we first decided on his name in Estonia.

St. Peter's and the House of the Blackheads
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We really enjoyed going up in the steeple of St. Peter's Church to look out on the city. Jaan and I watched the cranes and trains; Will took lots of beautiful photos. Only Raia didn't like it. She was asleep in the stroller when we went up, and the cold wind at the top woke her up.

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From St. Peter's we went on to look at the House of the Blackheads, which is an guild house that was originally built in 1334. In the background of the picture you can see the Museum of the Occupation. (And, yes, that's me looking up in the picture.) We heard that there is discussion of tearing it down and putting a new building that would fit in with the surroundings better in its place. I thought that was a good idea at first, but after visiting the museum, I think that the ugliness is very fitting to the subject matter. The museum was very interesting and very sobering. Our children didn't last long before we had to go back to the hostel for naps, and we definitely wished we could have seen more.

That night we went out to an Italian restaurant. I already wrote about that. This just shows a little bit of how much Raia enjoyed it:

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Mom said...

Again thank you so much for the travelogue and photos. Without even having been there, I would say that the starkness and contrast of the Museum of the Occupation is very fitting for the subject matter it portrays.

That photo of Raia in the restaurant would make a stone smile!

We love each of you....

Lindy said...

I think it fitting that after looking at all the beautiful buildings and children you end with a wall all about tomatoes! I remember a couple of little girls that loved tomatoes (and a Bama that always had tomato juice and beets available)! The photos of your trip are beautiful, thanks for sharing.
Aunt Lindy