Friday, October 20, 2006

The video

Thanks to Dad, you can see the video I mentioned yesterday:

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Raia's not talking yet, but she already makes me laugh. She's learned to fold her hands and babble "prayers" before meals. Usually it takes us a while to get settled, so I give her food, and then when we all sit down, she stops eating and prays with us. I noticed tonight that she "prays" every time I sit down at the table. If I get up for any reason, when I come back, she folds her hands and babbles.

If you want to read a conversation with Jaan, go to the comments we left on Shannon's blog.


Anonymous said...

hi just letting you know the link dosen't work, and btw Raia sounds adorable!

Lindy said...

He's definitely interested in that letter. I love the video. My boys loved their magnetic letters, especially R.B. Like his grandmother he enjoyed Wheel of Fortune so he "bought" a lot of vowels! It took a minute to get it to work but I clicked on the back arrow and then play and it worked.

Phyllis said...

I fixed the link.

Aunt Lindy, I remember R.B. and those letters. He was so little, and he knew the whole alphabet and what vowels were!