Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apartment and well

First, about the apartment. . . someone asked, "So, are you all moved in yet?" Ha! The landlady decided that she was embarrassed to have Will help her clean things out and that all the plumbing needs to be replaced. So, we didn't do anything on Saturday. Now she says Thursday, but we don't know if that means we can come see the apartment and clean, or if she'll be ready to have us start moving in then.

Then, I said I'd explain the video more. Oksana's father was here on Saturday to work on the well that they've been drilling. Scott was busy, so Will got to be the official helper. The rest of us watched. We learned that drilling a well by hand is hard work! They have a drill on the end of a shaft, that they lower down in, adding sections to the shaft as it goes down. When it reaches the bottom, they clamp a handle on to it, turn it a few times, then drag it back up--taking it apart as they go--and scrape the clay off of it. Then back down, and back up, and so on. After they had worked for quite a while like that, Anatolii Vasilivich made some measurements, did some figuring, and grandly announced, "And so, you and I have gone down. . . 10 centimeters!" But that was enough that now they needed to drive the pipe in deeper; that's the video I posted. They pounded it in deeper with Will pulling the rope to raise and drop a pipe that Anatolii Vasilivich guided. (Unfortunately, now it looks like the main pipe is broken and everything collapsed. Oksana called around to see if they could hire anyone to come fix it and finish, but no well drillers will work in this village. I'm sure they'd appreciate prayer for wisdom and success!)

I wanted to post photos, but they're not going.

We're doing well here and thoroughly enjoying every day! Right now I'm feeling a little foggy, though. Eight children in one house, with the oldest only seven years old, can do that to you!


Sarah said...

Good to hear an update from you all! You are making me miss Ukraine!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm sure although the well digging wasn't successful, they provided exciting entertainment for the children!! I know Jaan LOVED it!! We'll be praying for a well digger! Sounds like this well is not just a back-up, but a necessity!

Praying that you all will be able to get into the apt before long. And, we're so grateful that you have a good place to stay in the interim! Love you all! Baba Julie

Martha A. said...

It looks like alot of work! I hope they get the apartment cleaned out and you all settled soon!