Saturday, May 03, 2008

We made it!

The whole trip went very smoothly. Thank you for praying! We got here very late last night (early this morning, actually). Today we slept most of the day. It's wonderful to be here!


Anonymous said...

Yay! So happy to read that!! Will definitely be praying for you all over these next few weeks, as you look for housing, Will heads to Russia, meeting new people, etc.Anna

Mom said...

PTL!! So thankful to know that you have arrived there safely....much love to each one.

Lindy said...

Thank you for letting us know the status of your travels. Good luck settling in your new country.
Love, Aunt Lindy

Sarah said...

Praise the Lord!! I am going to run and tell the children now, as they will be so delighted! I have to say I am so excited that we have another missionary in Ukraine. May the Lord bless you abundantly in the coming days as you continue to be obedient to HIM!

Anonymous said...

That's good news. I know you are relieved and ready to begin this new chapter.

Laura T. :)

A day in the life... said...

OOORAH! Very happy to hear things went smoothly.. I'm dying to know what did you use to drug the children? :) heh J/K! Can't wait to hear details of life there..
blessings ~ tell Jaan hi from his *Best Bud*

Debbie said...

Great, I am sure you are eager to get your stuff and settle in. Praise the Lord for a safe trip. We will be praying for Will when he goes to retrieve you things.

Mrs said...

So glad to hear! We'll pray for Will as he goes to retrieve your belongings. Can't wait to see pictures! Has spring arrived there, or is there still snow?

Agape said...

Christ is Risen!

Wonderful news! I am looking forward to reading more about your trip. How are the children?

I was wondering what you did with all your stuff in Russia. It is nice that Will will be able to go back and see all your friends. Safe travels to Will!

I hope you are happy in Ukraine and make lots of new friends and adventures!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! So glad to read this! We have just returned from a relaxing and inspiring time in the mountains. We love you all and can't wait to hear from you again. Lots of love, Baba Julie

Agape said...

Христос воскресе!
Воистину воскресе Христос!

I hope you are all rested and settling in to your new surroundings.

I thought you might enjoy this. I can't read it but enjoyed the photos.§ion=10011&article=909

With love,

Monica said...

Indeed He is risen!

I've been thinking about yall lately, and am glad your bodies made it back "East" where your hearts are.

Take care,