Friday, July 17, 2009

Rewind #7: Kiev, part 2

The day after the zoo, feeling much more rested, we set out to see more of the tourist sites of Kiev. We were staying in a church, where a girl from Dneprorudnoe lives, so Oksana was our hostess and guide for our time in Kiev. She's also one of Raia's favorite people. You'll see a lot of her in the photos I posted. (Fortunately, I had gotten them up before our internet problems. I just stole the one above here from Stephen.)

Raia's actual birthday was a Sunday, so of course, we went to church right there where we were staying. First I got a cute photo of the sisters waking up:

After church Oksana had gotten a cake for Raia, and we had a little celebration:

And that was the last big event of our trip. We did enjoy the youth fellowship time that evening. The group there is quite large, and we all stayed up late talking to them.

The next day Will and Jaan saw Stephen off at the airport. Then we packed up and headed out ourselves. We had a little time before our train, so we wandered around the center a little more. I was hoping to stumble across the Babi Yar monument, but that didn't happen. I guess next time I need to figure out exactly where it is and make a point of finding it. Then we went to the train station and got on our train to come home.

The End!

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Baba Julie said...

Thanks for the pictures! They put the special touches on the story!! Love y'all!!