Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will's 1st day of birthday

We spent this last weekend at our dacha, in honor of Will's birthday. I did come back to make a cake, but that's when I found out that our internet wasn't working at all. It's still not working at our desk, but after a little bit of running back and forth, I'm posting these photos. We do know what the problem is now, too. We just have to find the part we need to fix it.

Will actually had two days of birthday. On Friday I made a special meal for him.

(I just forgot to wash and dress the children!)

After dinner we had fun blowing "super dandelion" seeds for each other and trying to catch them.

That's all.  We all had colds and weren't feeling great, but we had a fun quiet day together.  The next day was the big celebration. . . .


Lindy said...

This looks like a new take on chasing bubbles! The children are certainly focused on the task. I hope Will had a great birthday -- it looks like he did. Love, Aunt Lindy

Paula said...

I think the simple family times are the most precious in our lives. Happy Birthday to Will!

Baba Julie said...

That looks like a great day for my THIRTY THREE YEAR OLD son!! (How did he get so old???) And, what do the neighbors think about the neighbor children in their underwear? Maybe they think this is an American custom??? (: (Very cute, as usual!!) Lots of love!