Saturday, October 03, 2009

A few photos

Yesterday the men (well, one of them is a very little man) went out to do some dacha work. We ladies went for a walk. That's the part I have photos of.

"Doolie [pause] Baba," as Asya calls her, and the girls at the overlook

Collecting "Autumns"
Asya hasn't quite figured out that the season is called autumn; she seems to think that it's the leaves themselves that we're talking about. So far at least, the fall colors have been kind of scarce. A few days ago we were walking through a little area that actually had colored leaves. Asya was ooh-ing and ah-ing and yelling "Осень! Осень!" ("Fall! Fall!") As soon as we moved away from there, she asked where autumn was. And then yesterday, she was collecting leaves and saying, "Осень! Еще одна! Еще осень!" (Fall!  Another one!  Another fall!")

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Anna said...

I've been looking forward to collecting some Autumns myself. So far, I haven't seen any nice ones, but am hoping to gather a bouquet at some point soon. =-)