Monday, October 05, 2009

Thankful Mondays

holy experience

I'm so thankful for the beginning of a habit of pausing on Mondays to thank! In general the habit of looking for gifts from God to be thankful for has changed my life, and now I'm liking having a specific time for it. Of course, I don't have time every Monday to actually write and add to my list online, but every Monday (and every day!), I'm at least thinking about it.

522. Multitude Mondays
523. A fall day! Maybe the first of many
524. A walk with our own family and extended family on this beautiful day
525. Another walk, on a recent morning, just me and three children, hand-in-hand
526. Marriages that last 35 years (my inlaws celebrated their anniversary today!)
527. A lovely "piece of Kovrov," from someone who knows what it means to me:

528. Evening quiet
529. Winnie-the-Pooh
530. "Вузлы"
531. "Read more!"
532. Giggles at dinnertime

And so much more. . . .