Monday, July 05, 2010


Last year Will bought me sage seeds from a babushka at the market. I planted them, and they came up beautifully: thick, green, fuzzy little plants.

Last year

Then, this year they came back, MASSIVE! Could it really be sage?

This year!

The flowers

The plants are pretty, but I was disappointed not to have sage for cooking. I looked all through our books, and searched the internet, and still couldn't figure out what my flowers were. Then, I wrote to the man who owns this beautiful website, and he identified it right away: clary sage!


Baba Julie said...

Wow! Those are some flowers! I guess there are many kinds of sage. This is the eating kind? I have an ornamental sage and an eating kind. (I'm afraid we have killed the ornamental, though, b/c we moved it to put a rose in its place!) Hope you all are doing well! Love you all!!

Anonymous said...


Martha A. said...

Clary Sage essential oil smells so nice and i add it to vinegar and water for cleaning, but some women use it rubbed on their belly to start contractions in labor! Not sure if it works....but it smells nice!
Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed my thoughts!