Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another day of Christmas

We didn't really get to have our usual family Christmas fun on December 25, so we carried the celebrations over onto the 26th. I'm probably sharing way too many photos, but you don't have to look at all of them if you don't want to.

We started off at the sledding hill. The snow was melting already, but there was enough for our purposes. (We do have sleds, but there wasn't enough snow for that yet.)


Asya's expression...!


We came back in time for lunch and naps. After nap time, Will made a "fancy" supper of hotdogs and potatoes, while the rest of us prepared a Christmas play, to perform for him as soon as we had all eaten.

Little lamb

An angel!

Joseph and Mary

"An angel of the Lord stood before them"

"Let us go to Bethlehem"

"Mary pondered them in her heart"

The cast

Taking a bow

Then we had my family's traditional birthday cake for Jesus.

Happy birthday, Jesus!

Can you tell that this is my fourth baby? I don't think any of the others had sugar this early. Bogdan's comments were the most enthusiastic "nyams" that we've heard so far.

Carrot cake

...and frosting


Mom said...

Certainly NOT too many pictures for me--I enjoyed every one of them. We love you all.

Baba Julie said...

And, HAD to laugh at Mary in the mini-skirt or whatever she had on! And, of course, the angel with the butterfly wings had me laughing, as well! Too cute!! It looks like a good time was had by all, including Bogdan!! Love y'all!

Phyllis said...

"Mini-skirt"?! That's her favorite long-ish, velvety dress. It's just not made for riding a donkey! :-D

Baba Julie said...

Hee! I laughed and laughed! I guess I missed the "donkey"! (: LOVED Asya's expression, too! And, all of their faces as they looked at the birthday cake for baby Jesus. So sweet... Love y'all!

fiddlergina said...

I loved the tail on your precious "Little Lamb". It looked like a wonderful event. We gathered with my own children plus nieces, nephews, & siblings & in-laws yesterday to celebrate Christmas. We also had our annual birthday cake for Jesus. The "children" ranged in age from 15-28 and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus just as we did with my children when they were younger. I love this tradition and can't wait for little ones to come along again in our family to share in the fun. I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Jolene said...

Such fun! We love to have a birthday cake for Jesus each year too!