Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We've started into the Christmas season with First/Western/Catholic Christmas on the 25th. (Here is my explanation of terms last year.) It was a lovely day for us.

Finding Baby Jesus in the nativity scene
A book and pistachios before breakfast
Christmas breakfast
Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus
(Bogdan liked the candles!)
I didn't know they were trick candles until they started relighting, but they were perfect for getting lots of pictures. And then we went sledding....

White Christmas (happy!)
On the way home, Bogdan was so tired that he was nodding off while sitting up on the sled, so we had to carry him. He recovered long enough to warm up with hot chocolate when we got home, and then took a long nap.

Hot chocolate with Baby Jesus
While the younger half of the family napped, the older half read, cooked, and prepared a sermon. Then there was a family Skype call, a quick dinner, and out the door for....

Tea at church
Bogdan and I lasted at the tea until his bedtime, and then I brought him home, while the others stayed for the rest of it. As I carried him in the snowy, foggy dark, he signed that he was "all done" the whole way. And then he collapsed into bed, very happily.

We have many more Christmas pictures, even just from this one day. You can see more here.

Now we have New Year festivities, a winter VBS, and "Second" Christmas to look forward to next!


Mom said...

Precious pictures of a gloriously meaningful day...we love you!

Jessica Curtis said...

Love the idea of not putting Jesus out until Christmas day!

Baba Julie said...

Great pictures, Phyllis! So cute that Bogdan signed "All Done"! Don't we often feel like that ourselves? Wish I could just sign that sometimes... Love y'all!