Sunday, December 09, 2012

Weeks 8-9 (and 4)

How's that for a confusing title? I've missed a weeks on my school summaries, and Jaan and Raia are working at different points in their separate years.

Raia is finishing up Year 1, Week 9 now. Shakespeare and Russian history are her biggest favorites, after Bible. She mostly just flies happily through everything.

Jaan did Week 4 of Year 3. He has experienced an Advent miracle with handwriting. After several years of just not really getting anywhere with it, now he wants to write pages of words in cursive. That's usually in the evenings, while they draw/write/paste/color in their Advent journals about the names of Jesus.

And the rest will be pictures. Since they're each worth a thousand words, here are 3,000 words for you:

Advent journals
Getting ready to go OUTSIDE
New pets


Mom said...

Rejoicing to see the journals, the big sister helping her little brother and the smile over the pet. Love each of you....

Baba Julie said...

Sounds like exciting learning happening in the Hunsucker household! Love it!! And, love you!

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

So what do you use the Advent journals for? Hm? :)

Phyllis said...

Brandy, they just draw or write or glue something in each day in the journals. Jaan has been copying the names of Jesus, Raia usually tries to come up with a way to illustrate them... and Asya draws princesses.