Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Bogdan is finally potty trained! We've worked on it off and on since he was born, but it finally clicked last week. I still have him in diapers at night, although he's been waking up dry some mornings already. I was used to daytime potty training around age 1, and then nighttime just followed that about 6 months later for our other children. This one decided to be different, but maybe because he's so late, he'll do both almost at one time? Anyway, he clearly tells me when he has to go and gives enough time that we don't have to run, so I say that he has arrived.

Bogdan is really a funny little guy, and he loves to clown around and make us laugh. In public, however, the most common comments we hear are about how serious and even sad he looks. A few days ago we had a friend visiting, and the older children were bragging about Bogdan and his new underwear. When he heard what they were talking about, Bogdan marched off without making a sound, came back with his potty, sat on it and did his business, then stood to the side so that Katya could see what he had done. She cheered and congratulated him, but he never cracked a smile or said anything. It was all so dead silent and serious that I found it hilarious.


Mom said...

That "dead serious" boy makes me LOL! Congratulations, Bogdan, on a huge milestone. What a big boy you are!

RL said...