Saturday, February 23, 2013

This morning's excitment

While I was getting lunch ready, I saw this go by. (Photos below!) I wasn't fast enough with getting Bogdan to the window, so I threw his coat on him, and made Will run after it with him. Bogdan is fascinated with animals these days, and almost all his new words are animal sounds right now. Although, he's still pretty confused there. Yesterday he told Will that the three bogatyrs in a book of ours were riding on "moo." Anyway, I knew that he would love to see a real one!

There were some guys we know playing ping pong out there, so Will and Bogdan joined in for a little while. See how quick I was with getting Bogdan dressed, though?

I did put socks on him! But I didn't get as far as boots, and he wasn't wearing his tights, so a sock fell off. Will was trying to hard to hide that naked foot.

And then the photos below are from the first part of our morning. From the time he got up today, Bogdan was intently preparing for some kind of expedition or something:

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Mom said...

That boy so makes me smile. Love to all....