Sunday, March 17, 2013


No, this isn't really about evolution, as in evolution vs. creation. I just thought the evolution of this post was funny. I started writing last weekend about school. Then left it open and added thoughts about sleep, and then I looked at the photos we had....

I haven't kept up with my "Weekly journal" school posts this calendar year, but maybe I can start again now. Way back in January I thought I would have some time right after (Russian) Christmas to do some mid-year planning and get started again, but everyone was so tired and grumpy that it was actually easier just to jump into school the next day. Strange, but true: school is very calming and centering for this family of ours!

Still, we've been moving along slowly, and it seemed like we were bogging down a little. Math (which both Jaan and Raia love!) was really getting to be a bit of a problem. So, I made one goal for the week, and wrote it up on a sticky note over our table: "20 min. for math!" I set the timer each day, and it worked. No more daydreaming and dawdling. I think we're back on track there.

Special goal for the next week? I think I'll make it reviewing memory work every day. That's something that has been getting skipped lately.

Also, Bogdan has not been sleeping well lately. Ugh. It's one thing to lose sleep with a little baby who mostly just lies around during the day. It's another to get up with him in the nights and then keep up with him (a full-speed toddler!) during the days. Up until now he would have gotten the Best Sleeper Prize for our family. Not anymore.

Photos: around here March 1 counts as the first day of Spring. We had a special tea that day, with...

Butterfly napkins
And butterfly treats

Since this is about random evolution, something funny that Bogdan does: our printer also has a copier function. Bogdan has figured out which button to push to make that go. When he wants to draw, he'll come running up to the printer, crayon in hand, push the button, and wait for the big "paper dispenser" to spit out a piece of paper for him.

Could anyone following my ramblings here? I hope so!


Mom said...

This evolved into a delightful post. Love you!

OliveTree said...

Blessings and grace to you, Phyllis, as you home school your young ones. It's interesting you say homeschool is calming. Mine are high-schoolers now, but if I can just get myself to focus on it, home school is calming for me too. I guess it's focusing on school during school and not trying to do a jillion other things!

Baba Julie said...

Precious! I LOVE the "big paper dispenser" thing! It's so nice to be able to keep up with what you all are doing in a small way. I know you don't believe in drugs, but a little Tylenol goes a long way!! (: (for sleep - you have probably already tried the Sleepy Time teas, etc). I will be praying!! Love you all!!