Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Warming up here

Last time we went out to our dacha, it was still quite cold. Now it's starting to feel like spring! (Although, I must admit that my children are underdressed in the photos below; they suffer enough from me trying to keep them looking respectable in the city, so I let them undress as much as they want to at our dacha.)

Clearing around the peonies
Bogdan found a butterfly!
Playing dressup with dacha clothes.
Enjoying kvas.
Delicious lunch!
Planting spinach.
There's going to be a whole clump of it in the corner by where Bogdan is sitting in this picture.

Looking at Bogdan's huge earthworm.
Last time I wrote about how tired Bogdan was after his dacha adventures  This time Asya was the tired one. After walking home and getting a bath, she came to the supper table and announced, "It will be best if no one teases me tonight."


Baba Julie said...

I feel your pain, Asya!! I am often that tired in the evenings! So, I go take my bath and rest with a book! How about you? Love you all!

Heather Powell said...

I completely relate to the remark about "keeping them respectable in the city." They now know that when the doorbell rings, they run to put on their sweaters and socks.