Friday, June 21, 2013

Going on a missions trip

In our most recent prayer letter, I mentioned that we're going on a short-term missions trip soon! Well, maybe that's not the way I worded it, but that's what it is. Will's sister and a team from our home church are coming to work at a family English camp near Odessa. We've been planning on joining them since we first heard about it, but we've just recently finished the piles of paperwork and started into the preparation work for the camp. Here are two videos about the ministry: short video and long video. (I must admit that I haven't watched the long one.)

We're excited! This is the first time a church team has ever come over, and, of course, we love camp work.

We really need you all praying for us every step of the way. We'll travel to Odessa July 3 (L-O-N-G, hot trip), greet the USA part of team on July 4, have training with the South Africa part of the team on July 5, and then head out to the camp. I will be teaching the preschoolers, for their Bible and English lessons. Our children will participate with the other children, and Will will be teaching somewhere. The mission hosting the camp has provided a general missions prayer guide for us to share. If you are willing to commit to praying for us daily, please print it out for yourself, and also let us know that you'll be supporting us in that way ( We won't be able to send updates from camp, but I will try to get an email reminder out to you just before we leave. Thank you so much!

EDITED to add: here is a day-by-day prayer guide, written by one of the team members coming from California.

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Caleb Suko said...

Hey, you'll be in our neck of the woods! Unfortunately I'm going to be in Russia from July 5th through the 15th so I doubt we will be able to cross paths! Blessings on your trip!