Thursday, June 20, 2013

My weekend

I got to travel to visit with the mother of this precious boy. (Don't just glance at the photo. Read the whole post. It's worth your time.) She's been here for over a month, working toward adopting him and a sister for him. I also got to spend time with her friend, who is also my friend now, and who is here helping. And with the sweet boy himself. I completely fell in love with him!

The time away was a nice treat for me. After chicken pox and other busyness, it felt good to have a few days away from my routine. My new friends spoiled me, and I did a good bit of sitting around holding sweet babies. We also had a time of fellowship with some people who live in that city and work with orphans. I had connected with them through Agape, and they made time for us. What more could I ask for?

Well, there is a little more. I'd love to know that the two other little ones left in that group in the orphanage have families. They are both available for adoption. Is anyone out there ready right now for international special needs adoption? Write to us, if you might be: Even if you can't adopt, please pray families for Baby S. and Little L.! It's especially urgent for L., because she's already technically too old for the facility where she is, and she wouldn't survive long if transferred.

My favorite part of the visit: when I said goodbye to Mr. Sweetheart, he deliberately sat up to let me hug him! I am so glad that he has a loving family now.

By the way, Will is amazing to stay with our children and let me have a long weekend away!

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