Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back from Agape school

Yes, Will got back from Kiev on Sunday. He was exhausted, and we were exhausted, and it has taken us a few days to recover. But we're so glad that he could go! The next session will be in Uzhgorod in the beginning of December.

Will's class
(I pulled this photo off Facebook.)
I thought I would round up and translate the bits of news about the school that were on Facebook and the Agape site. Here is the first:
The tenth Agape bible school opened on Oct. 14. We were hospitably welcomed by Kiev Bible Institute. Students came from Belorus, Russia, and eleven regions of Ukraine. The grand opening was attended by guests and friends of Agape: Rustam Nazimovich Fatullaev, pastor of Tabernacle Church; Sergey Vladimirovich Manelyuk, president of Kiev Bible Institute; Alla Vasilevna Nechiporuk, dean of KBI, Oksana Valsilevna Malischuk, coordinator of distance learning at KBI; and senior pastor of Crimea, Pavel Vasilevich Fedoruk. All guests were asked to address the students with welcoming remarks and wishes. On the first day of training, Pavel Vasilevich Fedoruk taught fundamental truths about the formation of the character of God's ministers, about the importance of humility and total dedication to God. On the second day Boris Borisovich Gnatyshyn taught the "Seven Laws of the Learner" seminar.

And then there was a little more on Facebook:
Tuesday there was a warm evening of fellowship and getting to know each other. On Wednesday the school's students went to Tabernacle Church. On the third and fourth days of the training, Oksana Sidorchuk, the director of the charity "Circle of Friends," taught the students of the Agape school. Today (Friday) Tatiana Ryazantseva, a teacher from Tavrichecki Christian Insitute spoke about the structure and methods of Bible lessons.

When Will got back, he wrote: "Very impressive level of professionalism, from child psychology to pedagogical methods. I barely kept up, but thoroughly enjoyed myself."

And that's all I have. Thank you for praying!

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Baba Julie said...

Sounds great! I read The Seven Laws of the Learner many years ago. As I recall, it was very helpful. I imagine it was even better hearing it taught. Praying for you all as you become fully involved in Agape! Lots of Love!