Saturday, October 12, 2013

I was right

Yes, this week was better.

Probably the biggest news is that Jaan started at music school today! It was a little bit more complicated to get him enrolled here than in Dneprorudnoe, but Will did the running around and got him in. First, Jaan had to have a medical document saying that he's healthy enough to be around other children. Everyone said that was simple to get, but it was a bit more complicated for us. Still, Will talked his way into getting it. Jaan's piano teacher will be the director of the music school, not a sweet babushka like he had before; Jaan is a little intimidated, but we'll see how it goes. Today he just had Solfeggio and Music Literature, and the teacher for those classes is nice. They also don't want students who don't have an instrument, so we'll probably have to be looking into buying a keyboard. (No room for a real piano!)

Other news:
We have bunk beds, and everyone is loving them. Bogdan has moved out of his crib and into his big boy bed without any fuss.

Will's going to be in Kiev all of next week for the first session of Agape's training school.

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Baba Julie said...

Great picture and report on music school! The bunk beds sound like fun and congrats to Bogdan for moving into his "big boy bed"! Love you all!