Monday, June 16, 2014

More vacation photos

We have been busy celebrating our NINE-year-old daughter, going without electricity, still recovering from travel, and getting back to regular life. Today I pick up where I left off writing about our trip.

The morning after the Agape celebration and graduation, we started off with breakfast and a seminar at the hotel. Then people started to leave. The Odessa group's train wasn't until the evening, so we hung out with them for some siteseeing and a picnic. Photos:

Still at the hotel
Local transport
Famous mineral water; it is naturally bubbly!

Finally in the forest!
"Бабочка на бабушке"
Jaan decided that green onions keep mosquitos away.
Hunting for mushrooms

Back to the mineral water
Worn out!
Uncle Sasha, after he carried sleeping Bogdan back
More fancy hairstyles
Village dinner
Then, after all the Agape people left, we got someone to drive us out to "our village." We found the place we had reserved, settled in, and enjoyed the beautiful evening a bit, before we crashed.


Baba Julie said...

Beautiful pictures! So happy you were able to go and wish we could've been with you! Love you all!

Mom said...

Lovely! So thankful that you have had this respite.

We love you.