Saturday, July 12, 2014

The castle (Mukachevo)

This is the last little bit of vacation, even though it was a full month ago.  Then we can get on with regular (blog) life, birthdays, summer, etc.

One last swim
Shashlik for dinner
And then the next morning we left for Mukachevo. We came down out of the mountains on to flat land, but then there's one last bump...

...and it has a castle on it!
This picture really doesn't show how high it is.

We took our suitcase to the train station, and then started walking around. We had lunch in a nice little cafe, and Asya finally got some borsch. She had wanted it at McDonald's in Odessa on the way out, and was disappointed to find out that they don't serve it. And strangely, she didn't get any at the other places where we were, until this cafe.

Happy Asya
Bogdan is going to work here when he grows up.

After a little more walking around, we went up to the castle.

The deep well that they were looking at


Okay, that wasn't completely the last bit, because I still have a few photo highlights to share.

By the way, when we were up at the castle, we bumped into "old friends" and started chatting. Will had no idea how these strangers (to him) knew us. It was people we had met in the train on the way out! I had been on the train, alone with my little ones, and another mom had been traveling with her little girl, so we had helped each other out. Her little girl had to hold my hand for comfort in all tunnels. It was fun to see each other again, so randomly, at week later.


Mom said...

Happy day! Thank you for sharing. Much love to all...

Baba Julie said...

Wonderful pictures! Love them all! Love you all!