Friday, July 18, 2014

Good news from a land far away

I haven't written anything about Ukraine news lately. It is still very up and down, and still very sad on many days. In fact, lately it seems more bad news than good is coming out of the east. But, I wanted to write about something from a little while back that still makes me smile.

Back on June 7, when we were sitting in the hotel lobby resting with our friends, I quickly checked in online, and I saw news that had me in tears right away. Just a little over a year ago, I got to visit a friend for a few days, while she was adopting from a special needs baby orphanage in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. I fell in love with the children there. What I read said that their orphanage had been taken over by the fighters who are in that area now. We still don't know exactly what happened in that time. Were the separatists actually staying in the orphanage with the babies? Or coming and going and making threats? Whatever it was, it was bad. There was also a lot of fighting going on right around the orphanage. I cried a lot then as I read, and--with many other concerned people--I prayed a lot over the next few weeks.

Then, on June 30 I started hearing that those babies had been safely evacuated to Kharkov! And the biggest gift of all, was that I actually saw faces that I know and love in the videos circulating around the internet. In this time, when it's so hard to know what is rumor and what is truth, that was such a reassurance. Many of the articles seem to grab some stock orphanage photo from somewhere, and just slap it on with words that aren't related. These articles and videos were real. As I read more about where the babies ended up, I've been even more pleased. Their new (temporary?) home is a model orphanage for all the rest of Ukraine, and the doctor who has been interviewed online really seems to know and care about little ones with special needs. Maybe this is the answer to my prayers about a better future for Little L.? Maybe she'll survive here? (Keep praying for families for these sweethearts!)

I just had to share what I've been praising God for lately. Praise Him with me now, too! Also, don't stop praying for the people of Ukraine, especially the orphans, who are some of the very most vulnerable.


Mom said...

We ARE praying. Love you.

Nunez said...

144I know the lady who is the nurse with blonde hair. Her name is Doctor Liza. She has an incredible organization working with many in Russia who are in hopeless situations. She often times rescues kids from the streets, helps drug addicts, homeless. What an incredibly touching video. I had no idea she is in Ukraine helping out.

Baba Julie said...

We rejoice with you and continue to pray! Love you all!

Phyllis said...

Angela, I've been following the doctor at the new orphanage on Facebook now. (He seems wonderful!) I noticed that when he posted the news about the most recent group getting out of Donetsk, he said that it was for Doctor Liza: "Для Доктора Лизы: с донецкими все нормально, за макеевских молимся..."