Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"First Christmas" 2014

Here in Kherson our Christmas traditions are changing some. It used to be that "First Christmas" was a family day, and "Second Christmas" (January 7) was our time to celebrate with church family. Here, both days are a mix of both. But, since we're no longer involved in every single little detail at church, we don't need to separate them like we used to.

So, here's our First Christmas, starting with Christmas Eve...
Bogdan helped me some in the kitchen, and he was so proud of that! Will came home from the office just as we were finishing making white mint fudge, and Bogdan told him that he had made it. Will asked, "By yourself"? and Bogdan answered, "Mama helped." Then, he was up a lot in the night coughing, and every time he opened his eyes he told me, "Bobo made chocolate!"

The next morning, Raia was the first one up, and she found that Baby Jesus was in the manger.

While I got breakfast ready, Will read to Bogdan, and they ate pistachios.

Asya helped me.
But then, she cut her finger quite badly, so Will took care of that, and she had to rest.

We had the last of our Advent readings. (Look at this, with little Jaan and Raia!)

Some of us went for a little walk to enjoy the sunshine. Then, as the sun set beautifully, our girls headed out for one last practice of the Christmas program.

We had a Skype call, and then got ready to go ourselves. The Christmas service was very nice, and included...

greetings from the mayor,
a message from the front,
lots of music, and more.
Watching a skit
Then there was chai and food and fellowship.

At the nativity scene, before heading home
Afterwards everyone was very wound up and very tired. It was a good, full, merry First Christmas.

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Baba Julie said...

Thank you, Phyllis! These are beautiful pictures and help us feel like we were there with you! Love you all!